Content Production

Experiential Sampling Campaigns

The launch of Baileys Chocolat Lux required an experience as indulgent & delicious as the drink itself, so Amplify teamed up with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to produce the Belgian chocolate Baileys experience. Sydney’s elite fashion influencers indulged in this Bailey’s infused treat, driving trial and social coverage for the new variant. The campaign was so successful that Bailey’s extended the campaign to replica experiences at Westfield’s across the country.

To help Pringle’s build social following and achieve mass trial, we created a highly entertaining live game show setting in shopping malls across the country. Hilariously hosting by Amplify’s talent, consumers engaged in games utilising the iconic Pringles’ can. Seamless technology was then used to live stream the content to Pringle’s Facebook page, reaching millions and building Pringle’s own following by more than 5%.
The campaign created an immense footprint in the digital space with 37,256 minutes (620 hours) of live stream viewed. Content from the campaign has reached 11,253,262 Australians….and counting.

Earn your pringles Activation from Luke McCauley on Vimeo.